Work Process

Glox Finance believes in long-term partnerships.

Glox is not just any token that you only hold until the price is high enough to sell. It has real-life use and would benefits users holding on to it instead of selling them.

  • Earn passively and continously by staking.

  • We help each other to increase the liquidity rate of Glox and let Glox token grown progressively.

  • Lending and borrowing are one of our community benefits.

Choose Glox Finance


Mint Glox tokens by staking. Returns would be 0.2% per day, 6% per month, 72% per year fixed returns. Deposit your crypto into the community fund to be used by other community members for whatever they need.


GloxFarm is easy to use and will include your estimated rewards. Mathematical models and data extracted from the existing markets were carefully analyzed to come up with the most ideal liquidity provider rewards. GloxFarm will give you generous returns by farming through a variety of liquidity pairs.


A community made of depositors and borrowers, depositors earn a passive income by providing liquidity while borrowers have instant access to a variety of loans.


Peace of mind is knowing you are covered in case something unexpected happens. Insurance that run through smart contracts will be the new norm.


A community made of borrowers that have instant access to a variety of loans while providing a collateral liquidity.


DApps will you convert any crypto to any crypto as long as the pair is available and you can trade coins and tokens up to 100x leverage.

The Roadmap

Follow us through, as we progress and be a success in our endeavor of flexible and innovative earning ventures!

Glox Team

Communications Specialist
Vladimir Smith

Vladimir Smith helps to manage internal & external communication, and represents Glox Finance to the outside world. He is expert to plan events & press conferences, answer media inquiries and compile publications.

Junior Programmer
Alfred Scott

Alfred Scott is a junior programmer with problem solving capability. He has good communication skill and learn concept quickly to develop a bug free system for Glox Finance.

Head Programmer
Blake Mason

Being a head programmer, Blake ensures system and software is running smoothly. He is a smart coder and work according the specifications provided by analyst and other developers.

Web Design/Graphic Artist
Iannis Miller

LIannis is expert in doing ideal arrangement of texts, images and other items to make them look attractive for the visitors. He has 3 years experience in web designing.

Marketer/Social Media Influencer
Delvin Smith

Delvin has expertise in blockchain analysis, digital marketing and campaign management. He has worked with different DeFi projects for assistance in launching phase. Being a social media influencer and marketer, he will work on the effective strategies to transfer information to Glox community.

Blockchain Developer
John Muzzak

Being a blockchain expert, John is using his expertise to develop blockchain based decentralized products for Glox Finance. By doing technical and financial analysis, he keep providing real time solutions related to blockchain problems. His main goal is to work efficiently and keep glox products updated to crush the competition.


Glox Token Smart Contract Address

  • 37% Circulating Supply
    6660 tokens fully distributed
  • 35% Staking and DAO
    6300 tokens locked for 12 months
  • 12% Team and Advisors
    2160 tokens locked via Smart Contract
    release at 180 tokens per month
  • 10% Development
    1800 tokens locked for 12 months via Smart Contract
    release at 150 tokens per month
  • 5% Marketing
    900 tokens locked for 6 months release at 150 tokens per month
  • 1% Reserved
    180 tokens used for new incentives/emergencies

Burn Token

Soon, Glox finance is going organize its quarterly burn event. 100% fees generated by staking, farming and excessive tokens that are not in use from developmemt, marketing, team, advisor and circulating supply will be burned.